A safe way to sanitize your shopping cart.

It’s like a car wash for shopping carts; only Clean Cart uses UV-Light instead of soap and water. This proven technology cleans the handle as well as every inch of the cart safely and effectively, providing you with the confidence your cart has been properly sanitized. We’re proud to bring this safe and effective proven technology to Quality Foods grocery stores to help create a healthy environment for our customers, employees, volunteer shoppers and suppliers.


Does Far - UV Sanitization kill all virus’s

Yes the Far - UV Sanitization sanitizes 99.9% surface disinfection in a few quick seconds.

It is safe for human exposure

YES the wave length of this particular FAR- UV lamp is at such a short high intensity that it gets absorbed quickly and will not penetrate larger, more complex items (people, inanimate objects etc.)

Can you put items like baskets and groceries into the machine

Yes the machine can be used to disinfect baskets and groceries and is especially useful for items that are returned to the store from outside.

Is this available at other stores?

This is a pilot project - we are evaluating it to see if makes sense to expand this service to all Quality Foods Stores.