Quality Foods’ Privacy Policy


Information Collected By Quality Foods

When you visit a Quality Foods Website or application, some personal information, such as e-mail address, mailing address, home address, phone number, fax number, IP Address, session times, click path analysis and information about what pages you visit, is  collected by us.  By you using our services, including your use of a Quality Foods Website or application, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of this personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If you participate in a voluntary survey or poll, or voluntarily provide personal preference or other personal information to Quality Foods, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of this information in accordance this Privacy Policy.

How We Use Your Information

Your Personal Information collected by Quality Foods is used by Quality Foods for the purposes of communicating with you, assessing your request for products, completing your purchase of products, and for our product development and marketing analysis, including, without limitation:

  1. Processing your request for products and completing the sale of products to you;
  2. Generate user profiles and personalize the web site to your particular interests;
  3. Customer service and evaluation the effectiveness of the Quality Foods Website;
  4. Our product and service development;
  5. Our direct marketing and marketing analysis;
  6. Facilitating your use of the Quality Foods Website and App; and
  7. Customizing your product selection to your particular interests.


The information we collect will be confidential and will not be shared with any organizations except:
  1. In an unidentifiable, aggregate manner, with our suppliers and research partners so that we  can provide  better service and products to you;
  2. For detecting and preventing fraud or to protect Quality Foods, or other persons, property, rights or safety; or
  3. As required by applicable law.


We know how annoying and intruding junk e-mail can be. Quality Foods believes in positive advertising, we will not send you junk e-mail, unless you notify to us that you would like to receive promotional and sales e-mail. 

We do not sell your personal information to any persons and do not provide your personal information any other persons or businesses that would use it to contact you about their products or services.   We do share unidentifiable aggregate information with our suppliers and other third parties.

The personal information collected online is stored by us for an indefinite period.

The QF App (iOS and Android)

Information transmitted using the app such as your account information is transferred securely using modern cryptography (over HTTPS).  The QF Mobile app uses your phone's camera to scan items/UPC codes.  Images scanned are not stored in any way.   

Your Security

Recent media reports of websites being "hacked" have raised many concerns among consumers. For your security, we do not store credit card information in any way on this website.

Requesting Deletion of Your Data

Please contact us at customerservice@qualityfoods.com or reply in the App Feedback area of our mobile app and indicate your request for us to delete your account and your data.

Information about Cookies

When you visit the Quality Foods Website, we place a text file called a "cookie" in the browser directory of your computer's hard drive. A cookie is a small piece of information that a web site can store on your web browser and later retrieve. The cookie cannot be read by any web site other than the one that set up the cookie.

Cookies enable this web site to recognize the information you have consented to provide and help us determine what portions of this web site are most appropriate for your personal needs. As a result, cookies give you the ability to retrieve previous image search results and view your previous invoices. 

In addition, Cookies are necessary in order for us to "save" your shopping cart for 14 days so you can finish your order at a later date.

In this process we may collect your IP Address, session times, click path analysis and information about what web pages you visit.  We may use this information to better analyze the "paths" shoppers take throughout our store to find a certain item. This information, like all information submitted on a Quality Foods website, is confidential and will not be shared by Quality Foods with any persons except in accordance with applicable laws and this Privacy Policy.

We do NOT use cookies to analyze browsers after you leave our website.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us