Captain Planet Fountation

"Our children can inherit a legacy of wastefulness, or an action plan that can save our planet. That's why we created Captain Planet and the Planeteers."

- Ted Turner

A First In Canada

Quality Foods is the First retailer to partner with Dole to Bring the Captain Planet Project Learning Garden to Canada to help our younger generations create sustainable and healthy food choices.

It is estimated that close to 40% of children are overweight or obese, and only a quarter of parents recognize it in their own children. Research has demonstrated that food preferences are formed early, are socially patterned, and track into adult behaviors. The most powerful determinants of consumption of fruits and vegetables are their availability and accessibility, and taste preferences- all of which can be influenced by effective and early interventions.

A proven strategy for positively affecting these determinants is a holistic and multi-faceted school-based program that allows students to participate in growing the food, brings nutrition curriculum into the classroom, and the classroom into the garden, and engages parents and food service workers in reinforcing healthy eating behaviors.

We are starting with Two sites One in Nanaimo and a Second in Victoria.

Project Learning Garden

Project Learning Garden provides schools with strategies for building affective and long lasting garden based programs. Teachers are provided with hands on training, curriculum aligned with national standards, lesson kits filled with supplies, and a schoolyard garden, fully-equipped  cooking cart, and strategies for summer maintenance.

Project Learning Garden encourages educators to use gardens as an extension of the traditional classroom, rather than an extracurricular activity. School gardens provide an opportunity for hands-on, garden-based learning in every discipline including: math, science, health, social studies and language arts. Studies have shown that this integrative approach can increase student achievement in measures of standardized testing across all subjects, especially in science.

Additionally, PLG gives students an opportunity to engage in physical activity outdoors, learn about natural systems and food origins, and develop an early palate for fresh fruits and vegetables by enjoying their harvest through taste-tests and cooking demos in the classroom and cafeteria.