We have a history of firsts in Canada....

...but when it comes to charging for bags,we’re almost last.

The truth is, we really didn’t like the idea.

We couldn’t get our heads around the idea of charging for bags after you just shopped our store.

The past year we’ve been listening, learning and gaining a better understanding of the problem and the
environmental impacts of single use bags. As a result, we’ve concluded the responsible thing to do is participate in the recommended demand management program.

A bag that will generate funds for the community programs.

1. Net proceeds from the sale of the QF reuseable bags.
2. We’ll contribute 1,000 Q-points each time you shop 
    and use our new reuseable bag.

To encourage greater use of the reuseable bag program there will be a fee for single use bags at the till.

Money collected will be used to offset Recycle BC levy payments. Recycle BC is a non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout British Columbia.