THE FINE PRINT - How the program works

Program Membership for Individuals

The purpose of the Q-Card Rewards Program is to reward individual shoppers and their families for their loyalty to Quality Foods (QF).  
If, in QF’s opinion, a Q-Card holder abuses any of the Program’s privileges or makes any misrepresentations, QF may revoke Q-Points associated with the merchandise or services in question, revoke additional Q-Points to reflect the loss suffered and expenses incurred by QF, revoke all of the Q-Points in the Q-Card Account, and/or revoke the Q-Cardholder’s (including the Primary Cardholder and all Secondary Cardholders) in the program, with or without notification.
You may advise QF of any change of address by writing to QF Customer Services, P.O. Box 1120, Qualicum Beach BC, V9K 1T3, or by visiting your local QF store. 
QF will not be liable or responsible in any manner for any tax consequences which may flow from participation in the Program.

Primary and Secondary Cardholders 

The QF Rewards card, or Q-Card, remains the property of QF. Any Q-Card may be revoked at any time, with or without notification. 
Upon approval of the application, your account will be opened as the Primary Cardholder. Secondary Cards on the same Q-Card Account may be issued at your request, only to your immediate family members (being parents, children, siblings or spouse) who are domiciled with you. Although multiple people in your household may be Q-Card holders, all Q-Points collected will go to the single Q-Card Account registered in your Primary Cardholder name. 
Only the Primary Cardholder can redeem Q-Points for Rewards. You agree to accept full responsibility for the actions of and obligations incurred by your Secondary Cardholders.


 “Base Q-Points” are Q-Points earned in connection with your QF purchases (before taxes). The term “Bonus Q-Points” refers to those earned through special offers or promotions. 

Q-Points are shown on your till receipt issued with your purchase. You may inquire about the Q-Points awarded and your Q-Points status in general at the Customer Service desk of any QF store within three months of the purchase date. Information regarding current Q-Points totals is also available on the www.QualityFoods.com website.

Q-Points may not be issued for the following: tobacco/smoke shop products, lottery tickets, alcoholic beverages (through online shopping services), delivery fees, and other items or categories of items which may be specified as exclusions. 

Q-Points will not be issued on QF gift certificates when they are purchased, but will be issued when gift certificates are used, if the holder presents a Q-Card. 

Q-Points have no cash value, are not exchangeable for cash, cannot be sold, purchased, assigned or transferred, except as stated below, or in connection with special programs.


Q-Points are not transferable or assignable, except (a) to the beneficiary of a deceased Primary Cardholder, or (b) if specifically authorized by QF. You may combine your Q-Card account with those held by your immediate family members domiciled at the same address. Upon authorization, the “transfer to” cardholder will become the Primary Cardholder of the combined account and the “transfer from” account will be closed and rendered inactive. Q-Points will not be transferred out of any Q-Card Account that is not in good standing.

Inactive Accounts 

Should any Q-Card Account not earn Q-Points for 12 consecutive months, the Q-Card Account may be deemed to be inactive, and all accumulated Q-Points may be forfeited, with or without notice.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards 

Please notify QF immediately if your Q-Card is lost or stolen. We will flag the Card as lost or stolen and the Q-Card Account, along with all associated cards, will be rendered inactive. A new Q-Card Account number may be issued at QF’s discretion. All unredeemed Q-Points will be transferred to the new Q-Card Account number. QF is not responsible for any redemption made using a lost or stolen Q-Card.

Redeeming Q-Points for Rewards 

When enough Q-Points have been accumulated to obtain the Reward(s) desired, an order form may be completed by the Primary Cardholder at the Customer Service desk of any QF store, or on the QualityFoods.com website.

Many items in the catalogue are identified by a “Redeem on the Spot” logo. These items are instantly redeemable at your local QF store. Simply visit your favourite QF store and present your Q-Card and picture ID to the customer service desk.

Collecting of Rewards 

Please allow approximately three to four weeks for delivery of the Reward to your local store. 

We make every effort to stay abreast of changes in manufacturer’s products, however occasionally some items may not be as they appear in this catalogue. If an item becomes unavailable, wherever possible, we will substitute with items of similar value and features. Q-Point values are subject to change without notice. 

Rarely, due to uncontrollable circumstances, products may not be readily available from the vendor and the three to four week delivery period may be extended.

Return of Rewards 

Any reward item which is defective may be returned directly to the vendor, at the expense of the Q-Card holder, in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Rewards are returned for the same number of Q-Points as were used to acquire them, and may not be returned or exchanged for cash. 

All QF and third party gift certificates and merchandise vouchers are non-refundable. These include  Rec-Bucks, A Step Above, Q-Bird, Deli and Golf vouchers, and redemptions.

QF may terminate the program or any catalogue at any time with 30 days notice through normal advertising methods.

Errors & Omissions

In the event of product or value errors or omission, QF reserves the right to correct or adjust accordingly.