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  • Cabbage Green USA Fresh
    Approx. 1.20kg/item
    3.73/kg (1.69/lb)
    (approx 4.49/item)
  • Bok Choy Baby California, Mexico Fresh
    Approx. 45gr/item
    6.34/kg (2.88/lb)
    (approx 29¢/item)
  • Squash Acorn / Danish BC(3 varieties)
    Approx. 400gr/item
    3.94/kg (1.79/lb)
    (approx 1.58/item)
  • Cabbage Red USA Fresh
    Approx. 1.20kg/item
    3.73/kg (1.69/lb)
    (approx 4.49/item)
  • Broccoli Crowns California, Arizona Asian Cut
    Approx. 280gr/item
    5.48/kg (2.49/lb)
    (approx 1.54/item)
  • Yams Premium California King Label
    Approx. 500gr/item
    3.94/kg (1.79/lb)
    (approx 1.97/item)
  • Tomatoes Grape Mexico Field Grown
    1 PT
  • Bok Choy Shanghai California, Mexico
    30 LB
    6.34/kg (2.88/lb)
  • Beets Bunched Mexico Fresh
    4.49 ea
  • Eggplant Chinese California/Mexico
    30 LB
    6.34/kg (2.88/lb)
  • Carrots Baby Peeled California/Washington Bag
    1 LB
  • Squash Kabocha BC
    30 LB
    3.94/kg (1.79/lb)
  • Carrots Bunched California/Mexico Fresh
  • Onions White Jumbo USA Fresh
    Approx. 300gr/item
    5.04/kg (2.29/lb)
    (approx 1.51/item)
  • Gai Lan California/Mexico Fresh Chinese Broccoli
    30 LB
    6.34/kg (2.88/lb)
  • Yue Choy California/Mexico
    30 LB
    6.34/kg (2.88/lb)
  • Potatoes Red Nugget British Columbia
    Approx. 885gr/pkg
    2.18/kg (0.99/lb)
    (approx 1.93/package)
  • Potatoes Warba White Nugget British Columbia
    Approx. 952gr/pkg
    2.18/kg (0.99/lb)
    (approx 2.08/package)

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