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My Daily Special
With your Q-Card, you have the power to select your own personal special every day!

What is "My Daily Special"?

We know you have many choices in grocery stores, and we take that seriously. We appreciate that you once you are in the store, you have even more shopping choices, and My Daily Special is yet another way that Quality Foods puts the choice back in your hands. Obviously we can only put so many specials on at any given time, so what could be better than choosing what YOU want on special, when YOU want it? Simply activate your bar-coded, packaged grocery item at the special kiosk in any QF store or while shopping online.  When you shop at your favourite Quality Foods store or online, you will receive your item at the new lower special price, automatically

How Do I Create A Special?

Creating your own special is easy. Just scan the item of your choice under one of the in-store Daily Special Machines, scan your Q-Card, and receive your discount! If you are having trouble, our customer service representatives will happily guide you through scanning your items.


How many items can I choose per day?
You will have one item active at any time. The most recent selection is your active item.

How often can I select a new special?
You may select a new item each day.

How many Items can I purchase at my special deal?
You may purchase up to 4 units of your selected item at the special price per shopping trip/per day.

How long does the special price stay active on my selected item?

Your activated item will expire at the end of business each Sunday.

What can I choose from for my item?
This promotion is effective for bar-coded (UPC) scannable grocery items only; random weight items are unavailable (meat, deli, produce, fresh bakery).  There are thousands of products available including Grocery, Frozen Foods, Yogurt, General Merchandise as well as Health & Beauty Aids. Some exceptions may apply.

I scanned my Q-Card to lock in my special, and it says I already have a product selected for today...?
The most common reason for this occurring is another member of your household getting a Daily Special earlier in the day, as all members of the same household share a Q-Card number.

Can I select a Daily Special if I already have My Deal's selected?
Yes, you may have My Deals and A Daily Special Item in the same order.  To check what our daily Deals are Click Here

Do I need to carry a physical card to activate the Daily Special Machine?
You can scan either the physical card or go to the My Q-Card section of the QF App to scan your virtual Q-Card at the Daily Special Machine
Please note:  Activation is ONLY available in the store using the My Daily Special scanner or for On-Line shops at this time.

Some exceptions apply, exempt items include, but are not limited to:

Tobacco products, lottery items, fluid dairy products, baby needs, dry cleaning services, random weight items (meat, deli, produce, fresh bakery) and service fees. Items are limited to regular priced in-stock products. Personal or family shopping only, please. Quality Foods reserves the right to apply limits.  


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