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Frozen Foods
Health & Beauty
Household & Cleaning
Meat & Seafood
  • White Unsliced Bread(2 varieties)
    2.49 ea
  • 12 Pack English Bay Cookies Chocolate Chip
    3.99 ea
  • Large 60% Whole Wheat Kaiser Bun(2 varieties)
    3.49 ea
  • Coffee Cake - Carrot with Cream Cheese Icing 500gr
    5.49 ea
  • Dempster's Signature Sesame White Bread
    600 GR
    3.99 ea
  • Philadelphia Brick Cream Cheese Original
    250 GR
    3.99 ea
  • Armstrong Lactose Free Shredded Cheese(8 varieties)
    450 - 500GR
    8.99 ea
  • Dairyland Cottage Cheese 2% M.F.
    750 GR
    4.99 ea
  • Continental Traditional Irish Smoked Ham
  • Napoli Style Deluxe Pizza 12"(2 varieties)
    548 - 550GR
    7.99 ea
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Milk Chocolate(6 varieties)
    100 GR
  • Ocean's Chunk Light Tuna In Water
    170 GR
    1.99 ea
  • Old Dutch Rip-l Potato Chips(17 varieties)
    235 GR
  • Campbell's Chicken Noodle(4 varieties)
    284 ML
  • Chicken Drumsticks Family Pack
    Approx. 1.19kg/pkg
    6.59/kg (2.99/lb)
    (approx 7.85/package)
  • Pork Loin Chops Center Cut Boneless Family Pack
    Approx. 685gr/pkg
    11.00/kg (4.99/lb)
    (approx 7.53/package)
  • Snapper Fillets Fresh
    Approx. 441gr/pkg
    14.90/kg (6.76/lb)
    (approx 6.56/package)
  • Grapes Green Seedless California Fresh
    Approx. 190gr/cup
    8.79/kg (3.99/lb)
    (approx 1.67/cup)
  • Squash Zucchini Mexico Fancy
    Approx. 190gr/item
    3.72/kg (1.69/lb)
    (approx 71¢/item)
  • Tomatoes On The Vine British Columbia, Alberta Tradiro No. 1
    Approx. 130gr/item
    5.48/kg (2.49/lb)
    (approx 71¢/item)

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