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  • Cauliflower California Cello Wrapped
  • Asparagus Imported Fresh Standard Size
    Approx. 524gr/bundle
    8.79/kg (3.99/lb)
    (approx 4.60/bundle)
  • Pears Bartlett Green California Fancy Grade
    Approx. 260gr/item
    5.05/kg (2.29/lb)
    (approx 1.31/item)
  • Yams Premium California King Label
    Approx. 500gr/item
    5.49/kg (2.49/lb)
    (approx 2.75/item)
  • Strawberries California
    1 LB
  • Leeks Fresh British Columbia No.1
    Approx. 200gr/item
    4.38/kg (1.99/lb)
    (approx 88¢/item)
  • Apples Cosmic Crisp Washington Premium
    27 LB
    5.93/kg (2.69/lb)
  • Carrots Baby Peeled California/Washington Bag
    1 LB
  • Tomatoes On The Vine British Columbia, Alberta Tradiro No. 1
    Approx. 130gr/item
    4.38/kg (1.99/lb)
    (approx 57¢/item)
  • Organic Carrots Cello Bag
    2 LB
  • Pistachios Wonderful Roasted Salted
    225 GR
    5.99 ea
  • Mangoes Ataulfo Mexico The World's Best
  • Squash Zucchini Mexico Fancy
    Approx. 190gr/item
    4.38/kg (1.99/lb)
    (approx 83¢/item)
  • Onions Yellow Jumbo USA Cooking
    Approx. 330gr/item
    3.73/kg (1.69/lb)
    (approx 1.23/item)
  • Watermelon Cuts Product of USA Red Seedless
    Approx. 1.49kg/item
    2.18/kg (0.99/lb)
    (approx 3.25/item)
  • Potatoes Warba White Nugget British Columbia
    Approx. 840gr/pkg
    4.39/kg (1.99/lb)
    (approx 3.69/package)
  • Taylor Farms Asian Chopped Kit
    368 GR
    5.99 ea
  • Taylor Farms Avocado Ranch Chopped Kit
    362 GR
    5.99 ea
  • Taylor Farms Bbq Ranch Chopped Kit
    377 GR
    5.99 ea
  • Taylor Farms Broccoli Crunch Chopped Kit
    360 GR
    5.99 ea
  • Taylor Farms Buffalo Ranch Chopped Kit
    383 GR
    5.99 ea
  • Taylor Farms Caesar Chopped Kit
    316 GR
    5.99 ea
  • Taylor Farms Dill Pickle Chopped Kit
    333 GR
    5.99 ea
  • Taylor Farms Guacamole Chopped Kit
    319 GR
    5.99 ea
  • Taylor Farms Thai Chili Mango Chopped Kit
    319 GR
    5.99 ea

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